Welcome to Suburban Turn Key Rental Homes.

My keen powers of observation tell me that you're here because you understand the opportunity to make money owning rentals in the Metro Detroit area.

You're right of course - there hasn't been a better time to buy rental properties in your lifetime or mine.

Home prices are eye-poppingly low, rents are strong, and vacancies are as close to non-existant as I've ever seen.

If you're in the suburbs, that is.

The truth is, while you pay a little more for the houses, rentals in the suburbs generate better cash flow, are vacant less, and offer far better return than houses in Detroit or any of the other bottom-rung cities around here. Even though the prices in those cities are dirt cheap. Face it - in Detroit you get what you pay for.

And guess what? The vast majority of the people pitching rental properties in Detroit don't actually own any there themselves. Why is that, do you think?

We know the answer - because we own rental properties in the suburbs. And we'd never want even our worst enemies (if we had any) to own property in Detroit. It's just not worth the risk.

So if you're looking for obscene cash flow that's also stable and predictable, take a look at the information that we've put together here on suburban rental homes.

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Slumlord or Suburbs?

There's a reason you don't see locals spending $40,000 on rental houses in Detroit.

The numbers tell part of the story.

Here's a quick five minute analysis why Suburban rental houses make more money than houses in Detroit or any of the other bottom-rung cities that everyone is so gaga over because the prices are so cheap.

Think You Know Detroit?

Welcome to the real Detroit.

The ugly truth is that most of the city looks like this. And while there are a couple of decent neighborhoods in the city, they are only a couple of short blocks away from areas like these.

Do you really want to spend your money on property near this?

Are you going to be able to sleep knowing your money is tied up in a property only a few blocks from an area like this?

The Suburbs

What an area to own rental properties!

Exceptional schools, walk to parks, coffee shops, and shopping, and tree-lined streets.

This area is so enticing that renters and their families put down roots and stay a good long time.

That makes for stable and predictable cash flow. And isn't that the name of the game?